Islington Now: A shameless plug

Due to the sporadic nature of  my blogging I’m sure my recent hiatus has gone largely unnoticed. There has in fact been one however, largely due to my involvement on my course newspaper and website, Islington Now.

In a three week exercise the City University journalists split up into two teams covering the boroughs of Hackney and Islington. Our aim is to produce a weekly print edition newspaper, going to press on the same day as the local paper, and an up-to-date news website.

Apart from a very public and rather unfair photographic comparison to Cheryl Cole – which was made no easier by my wearing a to-die-for PPQ dress –  the whole experience has been entirely painless. In fact, these have been my favourite weeks of the whole course and have allowed us all to get down to some real reporting.

Saying that, I am sports editor this week and suffice to say I am rarely found scanning the back pages of the paper. Indeed, my question ‘What is an Arshavin?’ was met with some concern from the other members of the sports team (link duly included for those as ignorant as I). So, we shall see how that goes.

In any case, this is a shameless plug for our very lovely website.

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