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Decision time: will it be a Clegg-Cam union or a potentially disastrous blind date?

After days of flirtation Nick Clegg will soon choose a bedfellow for the Lib Dems. The man who is heading the party that David Blunkett has branded a “harlot” can now be seen as the kingmaker in this election. He is making an unenviable decision that will cause rifts with at least some of his party and its supporters, no matter what the outcome.

Passions are running high, with journalists and political commentators on over-drive after a remarkable few days at Westminster. The cracks certainly began to show yesterday when Adam Boulton picked a furious row with Alistair Campbell on Sky News; I only wish Campbell had gone so far as to wipe the almost tangible spittle from his brow as Boulton unleashed.

Still, as Clegg is continuing talks with both parties, he is holding his cards close to his chest and we are waiting with baited breath as all three parties sit in Westminster.

The real beneficiaries of the discussions should be the electorate, as all parties focus on policy areas that will be popular publicly, with PR and economic stability heading up the news agenda.

Yet stability is exactly what is it at stake if talks go on much longer and Clegg continues to play footsie with both parties. This eager excitement will undoubtedly lead to grumbling tensions as the potential of fruitful partnerships between the parties turn into memories of a regrettable fling.

All in all, it’s crunch time and eyes are firmly on Clegg holding the power card. This would have been unthinkable just a few months ago and for that fact, amongst others, this week has been a game-changer, altering the face of politics for decades to come.

Following Brown’s resignation yesterday the prospect of a Lab-Lib coalition became more realistic. This would, of course, be a coalition of the great unknown. With Brown successfully out of Number 10 (sort of) the scramble will soon commence to replace him.

Ed Balls as PM - a terrifying prospect

Whether it is Ed Balls that will eventually take the keys to Downing St, a resoundingly unpopular choice, David Miliband or of course, his brother Ed we do not know but no-one is staking a claim as of yet.

In any event, it is clear this will most likely effect Clegg’s decision. However what that may be, or when that come, is currently anyone’s guess.